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How to stand out from the crowd in investor engagement

Today’s investment community looks beyond financials to understand a company’s value creation story across the short, medium and long-term. Post MiFID II, companies must work harder than ever to communicate with the buy side – and so, the IR website has become the face of your company.

To help understand how companies use digital to engage their investors, analysts and other stakeholders, we reviewed the corporate websites of the largest 40 companies by market capitalisation in the FTSE 250.

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Key insights

The findings help capture the priorities and expectations of digital IR and contain unique insights into how companies meet those expectations.
icon depicting a plan
of websites wove key messaging themes into content and applied their personality throughout the website
icon depicting an online report
a quarter of websites had an interactive summary of the Annual Report. However, just over 50% had a screen-first, web-optimised PDF
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of websites were inclusive and represented a diverse range of stakeholders
icon depicting 10% piechart segment
disclose the results of a double materiality assessment
icon depicting a pound sign
included an investment case on their website
icon depecting a tree
of websites included an ESG strategy

Here are the key figures you need to understand the role of digital in IR today

Identity & Design

Unique, consistent brand identity and design will raise visibility to investors and allow companies to craft an attractive equity story within their website.

Half of all websites’ themes reflected an instantly recognisable brand. 83% consistently applied this brand identity when communicating.
Over half of companies created a real visual point of difference from sector expectations.
of websites created a connection with the user through the brand experience.
illustration for identity and design

Brand Messaging

A website, and by extension a company, that fails to communicate consistently will leave investors confused and looking elsewhere.

illustration for brand messaging
Only 13%
of websites incorporated news-focused videos, while 23% contained aspirational videos within the dedicated IR page.
Just 5%
of websites were effective in conveying a similar brand experience between corporate and consumer websites.
of websites were inclusive and represented a diverse range of stakeholders, not just investors.

Strategic Content

A valuable IR Website should allow the company to almost pitch to investors passively.

Of websites included an ESG strategy.
of companies presented a clear linkage between purpose and strategy.
of websites included an ESG strategy.
illustration for content

User experience

The investment interest in a company can be negatively impacted by a website that is poorly designed.

illustration for user experience
of websites made key information easy to find and navigate.
of websites had focused landing pages for sub-sections such as IR or sustainability.
of websites did a good job of encouraging users to explore further content on the website.

To view our recommendations, best-practice examples and further insights, download the full report.

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